Friday, 2 January 2009

Normal life again

Life is slowly turning back to normal. We took all the decorations down today and put them away. I have done what feels like enough washing for a small Island and of course fitted in a few hours of guitar hero.

Tomorrow I plan to spring clean the house, get the car cleaned inside and out, plus get rid of the old car and get to the post office. I also need to pick up a picture that I got framed. Nice picture of the first ever Starbucks in Seattle. Lets hope there are enough hours in the day tomorrow to fit it all in. Oh yes and I have the ironing for a small Island to do!

My daughter knows this is the plan of actions tomorrow, so being teenage daughter of darkness, she has considerately decided to stay at a friends tonight, so not to get roped into helping tomorrow.! Kids such a joy they bring to your life!

Headquarters grumpy git, has been on the phone today, giving me orders. I ignored the first ring, as I was in the middle of an important solo piece on guitar hero! However I had to respond to the next or it wouldn't of stopped. I cant have the telephone ringing while playing guitar. Doesn't sound right!

I am thinking I might have to contact BT and see if there is a way of getting him done for stalking, I'm sure I can. I know I can get his number

I plan to take it easy this evening, watch the soaps, eat chocolate and have a drinky poo's or two. Need to save all my energy for tomorrow. I know in grumpy headquarter land, this is unexceptable, but that's life!

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