Monday, 12 January 2009

Wonderful weather

What wonderful weather we have. So windy last night, I woke up more times than I care to remember.

The car was booked in at 10am this morning for an MOT, plus I had to take daughter of darkness to the doctors, as she has gone deaf in one ear. So I drove to tescos, to get everything I needed, went to the bank then came home to drop the shopping off.

Weather was fine. But as soon as I had dropped the car off and had to walk home, the heavens opened. By the time I had done the 15 minute walk home, I was soaked.

One and a half hours later, its still raining and we have to do a 15 minute walk in it again to the doctors! Just great sitting in a doctors surgery soaking wet surrounded by sick people.

Anyway, the good news was the car only failed on the door handle that I broke over Christmas, so should be sorted tomorrow. Will be nice to get into the car in a normal fashion again!

In between my strolls in the rain, I have sorted out my headset for the phone, which is great. Worked on SEO and done my own work. I started at 8am and its now 6pm. More than enough hours spent working today and I'm still not finished.

Still waiting on the launch page to be finished and error free. I haven't got my gimmick yet, hope to see it this week though, so as you can imagine, grumpy isn't happy, plus he has man flu, so glad i don't have to live with him.

Well time for tea, shame my partner isn't a cook, would be so nice for him to cook for a change. He has only cooked for me once and that was enough, don't let him near the kitchen now unless its to get me chocolate or wine.

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