Friday, 16 January 2009

We finally have the first draft!

Been one of those days again today!

Had my own work to do until 1pm today. Then I had to crack on with some stuff for dad!

After a while this afternoon, I thought I would look over the launch page, via the link I have. Shock horror, things had changed. However not everything.

I rang grumpy to see if he was aware of this and he wasn't. So we went through a check again and low and behold everything now looks and works fine on safari, but not on Internet explorer or FireFox! Just great.

Dad emailed them with the problems again, we are still awaiting a fix, which won't happen now till next week. I would recommend that you don't hold your breath though!

Not including this weekend I have waited two weeks now for a gimmick. As you maybe aware, on Wednesday, I received via email, a head of the gimmick so far. Since then nothing!

So I decided to write an email to him, explaining my disappointment, with no further developments. I have seen the work this skater boy can do and I know he can do far more, much quicker than what I am getting.

That was at 2pm today. I am still awaiting a response! Great customer service ahh!

At 6pm today, I rang grumpy to see if he had heard anything, shock horror again, three days late he has received the first draft of the website! Yippeeee at long last.

With excitement I waited for dads email to arrive, I opened the link and.........

I was very pleased with what my eyes have seen so far. Even grumpy was, so that's saying something!

A lot of it was functional, most of the buttons worked, however not everything with the text information was right, but that's easy to sort out, we hope!

We have a management system in place, so we can do things to the website ourselves when its up and running. This too has a lot in place already.

I'm not saying everything is wonderful and all the bells jingly, but considering communication so far, I was expecting far worse than this.

Having not met the website developer, I cant pass comment on, if he too is a skater boy, but what I do think, is this guy must have pressure upon him.

He has been working on it for two weeks now, alone. We also know we aren't the only customers. If the skater boys could have the ethos of this, what a more enjoyable journey this would be!

The weekend is upon us now. I plan a nice hot bath and this missed Dexter from last night for this evening. Grumpy will be looking over the website with a fine tooth comb and I will have wine in one hand and chocolate in the other. Good night.X

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