Thursday, 29 January 2009

Backwards is the new forwards!

Not much to report today. I can tell you that backwards must be the new forward!

I say this because, that how the site seems to be going. We think we are finally getting somewhere, they start to pick up speed, then designer skater boy goes sick. Then Skater boy no 2 goes sick and we are left getting nowhere!

Designer returns, but still have to wait one week before I see anything again from him. No 2 is still out, which means no project manager!

However Skater boy no 1 (who we already know is useless) returns from the skate park to help out while no 2 is away!

Helpful is not a word I would use to describe him as. He has been back for just one day and already we are going backwards again. I thought my mother lived on another planet, but this guy takes the biscuit!

If no 2 doesn't return tomorrow, we could be so far backwards we may have never met, which could be a bloody good thing!

Dad has steam coming out of his ears and its only a matter of time now before his head explodes! He is frustrated, p'd off, depressed, his fingertips are sore from having to write so many emails after finding errors and to top it off, my mother is now home from work sick! ROFL

I have been making further enquires regarding marketing. but that's been about it. I have nothing more to tell you as nothing has really happened regarding the website.

The launch page is meant to go live this week. I have more chance of my mum reading my blog, than I have of that happening!

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