Thursday, 8 January 2009

Things are happening slowly

What a day, I feel totally knackered! I think I need to catch up with all the sleep I missed out on, when I was ill. I have the weekend for that though, no chance while grumpy git is on my case.

We finally got the launch page today, which needs adjustments, then hopefully it will be ready to go, hopefully tomorrow, if not Monday. My guess is Monday. As you can imagine, dad wants tomorrow!

I still haven't heard back about my gimmick, I just hope to get something by tomorrow, or that will be another thing he will have to moan about over the weekend. Lucky for me I'm away for the weekend building space rockets, so may not hear the phone over the noise level of brain power!

We hope to see a draft of the website on Wednesday next week, so lets hope things are going well and dad gets to see quite a lot to keep him happy, if not that will be more moaning!

I have told him and so have they, that everything wont be working yet, Rome wasn't built in a day, but the impatient git expects it all and wants it all NOW! Makes you wonder sometimes, how has my mother coped with him for all these years!

My ethos is if you need a job doing well, get a woman, it will take time for perfection, but its worth it! Just a shame its being done by men, but lets hope they somehow manage to have the same ethos!

I'm still stuck in the realms of SEO, Great fun, interesting, but the most time consuming thing since peeling sprouts and crossing them for 200 people!

Anyway woop woop to tomorrow, lets hope I get my gimmick back and dad gets the launch page done!

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