Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The skate park must be closed!

Due to the bad weather we have been experiencing last night and today, Someone may have closed the skate park!

The reason I say this, is due to the fact, they are replying to the emails we have sent them over the last two days!Plus things have changed on the first draft website page.

Now don't get excited,they haven't answered all the questions in the mails, nor have they gone beyond the speed of a snail with regards to the progression of the website, but hey their doing something, which makes a bloody change!

The work increase could also be due to the rather firm, yet, not so polite email my dad sent them. Once this was received, we both started to get emails, I even got one with a deadline!

Although I have a deadline from him, I'm not going to get excited, the skate park could reopen tomorrow and I could be left viewing emails regarding Viagra, hotels, holidays, facebook alerts and the odd friends joke of the day!

My week seems so busy this week, what with my own work, plus my dad's ever increasing list! Emails, researching paypal and google checkout, blogging, keeping on top of friends on facebook, SEO, plus of course running a home. I don't seem to have five minutes to wipe my own arse, let alone start reading my book I got for Christmas.

We are nearly in February. Evenings are starting to stay lighter for longer each day. Christmas seems like ages ago and I want a holiday already. Time seems to be going so fast. I have done a lot of work for dad, many things have happened in the short period and yet, we are still awaiting anything half deceit from the website company.

My skype seems to have also stopped working for some strange reason. I need to use it in a few days, over a period of a few weeks. Guess some how my PC is starting to read my mind (my fingers are glued to it for long enough and I stare at the screen for hours, so guess it could be possible). Obviously feeling I don't have enough to do, thought it would give me this problem to fix too.

Oh the phone is ringing again. I had better get on with other things or I wont get any peace tonight!

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