Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rocking out large!

What a night! We didn't go to bed until midnight, stayed up watch Lee Evans, So funny! My friends lives in a mid terrace house next to people with children. Both boys aged 8 and 10.

Well at midnight last night, they were both still awake banging and shouting like you have never heard! Took ages for them to shut up, at one point I thought about banging on the wall, but I didn't want to hurt myself. Couldn't believe the parents didn't come in and shout at them or something, youth of today!

6.30am I was woken by the shouting and banging all over again! such a joyous start to the weekend! So in the end I got up. Only to come down the stairs and be greeted by dog sick!

The rest of the day hasn't been much of a success either. We did a dummy launch of the rocket, to make sure all was functioning properly, however in mid flight it blew up, so back to the drawing board. We didn't have time to build a robot, so because the dog pissed me off this morning, we are going to send him instead. Just got to train him to follow commands for flag flying!

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