Monday, 2 February 2009

And the UK grinds to a halt!

A Little bit of snow and the UK comes to a near stand still! What are we like as a country? Could you imagine if Canada or America went into a state of panic or a grinding halt every time they got a bit of snow? They wouldn't leave the house for six months of the year!

My daughter came home from school early today, because some snow was falling from the sky and bus drives worried they may not make it.What rubbish, I have managed to get everywhere today, no problems at all.

However I did see a woman in a 4x4 today, looking worried about a bit of snow. I have a matchbox car for Christ sake, if I can do, why are you looking so bloody worried. Your car is designed for this weather, not just for taking the kids to school in!

Honestly some people!

I do wonder and I'm sure I'm right in saying, is it that we aren't ready for this weather because we have never had it before, or because most of our transport systems are run by men? We have known of this weather front for a while now, but have we prepared, have we f.......

Same thing goes for the website company, nothing has been heard from them today. Skater boy may or may not be off ill, designer skate boy may or may not be in, or the building could of been crushed by all the snow we have had.

They told us they would be in touch on Monday to let us know when the launch page was going live and to give us all the updates. Yet again it is nearly 5pm and we haven't heard a thing!

Either way, we are expected to guess how the updates are going, hope the launch page is now ready (which we know isn't) and hope the errors have been rectified.

I don't expect to hear from them everyday with regards to updates etc, but when you have outstanding questions to be answered, and deadlines, which aren't working, you expect answers.

God I'm starting to sound like my dad, shoot me now! lol

On a more happy note, I have some friends who I've known for a couple of years now. They are doing a round of treatment today, which hopefully may lead to the pitter patter of tiny feet. I would like to let you know, I have been thinking about you today and wish you all my sticky thoughts!

Happy Ground Hog day America!

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