Monday, 16 February 2009

My head hurts and there is a hole in the wall!

If you are keen followers, who like being bored to death by my blog, then you will know, Monday was claimed to be pre launch day. Claimed because Skater boy No1 & No2 thought they had done all the bug testing and it was ready to go. But of course dad and I knew otherwise.

Time has ticked away today, seconds, minutes, hours, morning past, afternoon came and slowly we drifted into the 5pm zone. At 5.40pm, going home time, we got an a email from skater boy N01.

He basically said, that dad's email on Friday didn't shed any light on what errors, bugs etc dad had found, but was only interested in what they (No1 & No2) had done. Can my dad as a client not ask these questions, when clearly he knows they're are bugs still awaiting to be fixed?

He also went on to say, that if dad was to be more helpful and inform him of what errors or bugs he had found, it would get things moving faster. If dad chooses not to, then he will only have himself to blame for the delay. (dad has told them of these errors weeks ago)

What a joke, it was only five minutes ago, he said, it wasn't down to us to do bug testing. Now he is telling us, he can't be arsed to do his job properly, so can we do it for him.

I'm not stupid, I know when you build a site, before it launches, it gets tested. Not by one or two people, but many. Each person may do something different to someone else, different errors/bugs will be found by different people. Plus the more people testing, helps to see if the site can work a little under pressure so to speak.

However what I cant get my head around, is that clearly they haven't done any testing at all. Sorry I take that back, they did register themselves. Surely if this is the sort of thing they do for a living, they should know how to run tests.

Dad has replied with this list of errors, which skater boy No1 will get tomorrow. Tuesday afternoon he will look at the mail, 5.30 he will reply, with " I will get on with it"

Wednesday morning he will pass the mail to the web developer to sort out. Thursday, the web developer will look at the mail. Friday, he might make a start on it. Friday at 5.30pm, we shall get an email, saying. Launch page should be ready to go on Monday.

I know I shouldn't presume like this, but I feel I have gotten to know them so well, that I can read them like a book. This will yet be another unproductive week behind us.

Just in case you had forgotten, next Tuesday, is website launch day. Can you see it, no neither can I. More chance of winning the lottery or seeing a pig flying.

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