Monday, 9 February 2009

Gimmick Day!

As promised by designer skater boy, I got my gimmicks. It now has two hands instead of one, is set the way I want it too and overall I'm happy with it. Dad however isn't. 

Dad feels some of the text isn't right and now thinks it may be to small and people wont be able to see it. We also have a bit of a debate over which one will be used. We had four designed, two in one colour and two in another. I shall have to give in and go with dad or I shall never hear the end of it.

As for the progression of the website, there is no progression, so I have nothing to report. I know dad emailed the director of the company over the weekend, with the concerns he has over the project management, we are still awaiting a reply, lets hope he is not also the director of the skate park, or there will be no hope for us!

Tomorrow I have a seminar to go to, well I say go to, its online, so I shall be sat in the comfort of my own home. Dad booked me in, to listen to someone talk about SEO for 45 minutes. It could be the most exciting, knowledgeable 45 minutes of my life, or it could turn out to be as exciting as waiting for paint to dry!

Either way, I'm sure I shall learn something tomorrow, even if its only how to adjust the volume on my laptop!

Dad set daughter of darkness her homework last night, however, he cant open the file she has sent him, useless man!


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