Friday, 13 February 2009

Another week over

Yet again Friday has come around and still no sign of a launch page, come to think about it, no sign of a email, informing us one way or another either!

We know we wont get a mail saying "its ready to go", as we have done some checks this morning and still the same things aren't working. Links take you somewhere to outer space, rather than where they're meant too. At the moment, you can get more points for referring, than Obama got in votes, plus the emails aren't correct.

If you think that's a joke, you can start an auction back in 1927, but after 2010, you will never be able to do another auction again! Looks like that's when the business is meant to end, that's of course if it ever gets going! But of course the main problem we have here at present, is the fact, that as soon as an auction is put on, it has ended, but still awaiting bidders, work that one out.

If I were to write a list of everything I know is wrong with the site so far, plus everything that is incomplete, it would take me till the 24th of February (same day the website is meant to be completed) to finish it. I also thing blogger would put a ban on my blog, for the length of time to make the posting and for boring my readers to

I used to be a happy, out going, bubbly person before I started working for dad. But since all the problems we've had, I'm turning into a negative, grumpy old bag who is starting to moan and become like Victor. I think I shall have to reconsider my position as director of the company, or demand a vacation to the Maldives for a few weeks, so I can return to my cheery normal self again.

My gimmicks are due to be finally completed on Monday. Not that we can do anything with them, until the pre launch page is ready.

Valentines day tomorrow, I'm spending the day watching rugby with friends, so romantic, hope you guys have a lovely valentines day too!

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