Thursday, 5 February 2009

Why, why, why?

Well I did the test last night, and no shock horror, it didn't bloody work. I knew it wouldn't!

This pleased dad no end, plus to top it off, for some god forsaken reason, all the emails have gone wrong, dates, ID number, times, plus emails used to go into my inbox, now they go into my spam box, with more warning signs over them, than the M25 on Monday!

This is not the only delight dad had. As I'm sure you know, we have a management system in place, which allows us to input information into the website, change things, see users and a whole list of other things. The functionally of it all, is dog SxxT!

Yes you can login in and log out, you can see all the tabs which all have different functions and you can also see new people register (test registrations). Think about adding anything in, setting anything up and you think yes its working (or not in some cases), its great. You finish what you have done, go check out the website and it looks like a piece of modern art or someone who has been sick!

Everything moves, shifts, disappears, comes back in gobble DE gook, or simple doesn't even look like it has anything to do with the website.

The final straw came late last night when I got an email about 9pm. It was from designer skater boy replying to my last email of problems regarding the gimmick. He told me he will have it done by Monday, however I shall have to input the coding for the money amounts into HTML, not him. I have lots of money amounts, requiring, I guess, different types of code for each one.

If I could do HTML, PHP, AJAX, Java or any other bloody coding language,would I have asked him to do this in the first place?

As part of our website, we also wanted an area where people could ask questions seek answers etc. We have explained where on the site we want it, what we want it to look like, how we want it to function etc.

We heard back from them and as part of the email they gave us a link to the type of forum they had it mind, so we had some kind of visual idea. What a joke that was. The link took me to a site that was the size of a small country and they had no chance or ever getting the first page done this year, let alone the rest of it. I think the schedule would go something like

Launch page February 24th 2009
Website April 1st 2009
Forum November 29th 2012

So there you have it! not a lot has happened today, we aren't going to be launching this week, nor next at this rate.

Any how I thought I would leave you with an email I received from my dads neighbour in view of his email a few days ago, nice to end on a funny note, rather than me moaning again!

Dear Adel

Well, there we are, now your bloggers can see the miserable old git for what he really is....... Victor Meldrew. Who, but your father and my neighbour (and Victor) could write a 1,196 harangue of verbal diarrhoea. Your poor bloggers must now realize what we have to endure and surely there must be concerns that this man (loose term) could be in the process of developing dealgrabba!!!

I'm sure that it must be you doing all the research and preparation for this project, as it takes intelligence and wherewithal, which is sadly lacking in the father/neighbour; as indeed is his mental capacity. I can only hope that he is providing you with significant remuneration. I really think that you should take this development completely out of his hands, and whilst I understand he does need Occupational Therapy, he could do this in a safer way, possibly by taking up basket weaving .

The Most Excellent Neighbour

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