Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Could it of been the magpie?

I set out on my journey this morning and along the way spotted a magpie, I looked for a second, but could only see the one. I'm quite a superstitious, person and would normally salute the magpie, however due to the fact I was smoking and going round a roundabout, I couldn't.

Oh how I wished I had.......

On my way home this afternoon, I looked at the rear view mirror, only not to be able to see out the back window. At first I thought, god its foggy back there, then thought, don't be daft, must be coming from the car behind, but it was soon clear, it was in fact coming from my car through the exhaust pipe!

The smoke soon cleared and I kept checking the rear view mirror, for further signs of smoke. Within a mile, like puff the magic dragon, there was more, it wasn't continuous, just puffs of smoke every now and then. 3 times, in 6 miles until I got home. It was like my car was having a fag!

I have since taken the car to the garage to get checked over, only to be told, yes there is smoke coming out the car, but they will need to run some tests to see what the problem is. Next week, it's booked in to have pipes cleaned and an engine flush. This could fix the problem; however, it could be something far worse, which could involve loads of work and loads of money. Just great. I really feel like shooting the magpie, I know this is all down to him!

When the garage owner said leave it with me for a while, I will have a look at it. I thought that's what they would do, not tell me something I already knew, hence why I went to them. Men, do they really think all women drivers are stupid, why did he have to confirm there really was smoke coming out of my car?

My gimmicks are now finished and should get put on the pre launch page asap. I have seen them on a mock launch page and I'm pleased with the overall look.

My predictions could be coming true now after all. The pre launch page has encountered more problems, which will probably delay the launch until Monday now. Let's stick with the seeing is believing method!

Something that is a shocking fact today, dad has received 13 emails from the Skater boys. Nine have come from Skater boy No2 & four from skater boy No2. All this before 4.30pm, may even be time for one more before they go home.

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