Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Never forward emails!

This afternoon dad got his daily email from the web developer with the latest updates. He opened it up, went through the five page document and was happy with everything he had seen, until he got to the bottom of page four!

It shocked him so much, he rang me and told me to check my emails, as he had forwarded the email onto me. I processed to open the mail and as I scrolled down, I could see questions, which below had the answers, which had been input in by the web developer. 

As I got to page four I too, was shocked at what I saw, see below:

I need both of you to please confirm if this is going to be possible. If there is an issue please let me know now and I will tell the client. We need to pull out all the stops to get this done though as it will (hopefully) keep him off our back for a while!

This was a comment made by skater boy No1 to the web developer and skater boy No2, regarding the launch page. I appreciate dad can be a pain and I'm sure skater boy No1 does feel that dad is on his case. However I feel dad has ever right to be.

At the beginning of this build, ten weeks ago, we were told by the web design company, that our launch page would take three weeks to do. Fair enough people cant be held to dates when building a website, so there has to be allowances, however we are now at week ten and we still don't have a launch page! Wouldn't you be writing emails asking questions about what is going on?

Secondly, skater boys No1 & No2 are project managers, They don't seem to be managing anything, dad has been doing all the update checks with the web developer, not them, they haven't run any tests on the site, nor have they come back with any questions directed to them to answer. Do they think, if they don't answer, dad will go away?

Dad emailed the director of the company regarding this email and attached it for him to read. Within a few minutes skater boy No1 replied, with an apology and informed dad it was his way of motivating his staff. 

Really! Well that may well be how he does things, but I know for sure it isn't something I would do to motivate staff, nor would I be stupid enough to forward any comment like that in a email for a client to see!

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