Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A slippery start to the day!

My day didn't get off to a very good start. Woke up this morning deaf in one ear, you will be pleased to know, full hearing has now resumed!

I then processed to get ready for my day, but not before burning my hand with the hair straighteners. I then thought to myself, could it get any worse, yes, I was off to my dads for the day!

As I opened the front door to leave, It was then I noticed the ice. So taking extra care, I locked the door and slowly, with handbag in one hand and laptop in other, I walked down the steps and yes, before you ask, I did made it to the bottom safely!

I remained safe until I went to take my next step! which took me sliding down the pathway, past my car, until I final stopped three doors down, legs apart, still clinging to laptop and hoping no one was watching me. I then somehow, in what I can only imagine must of looked like zombie type movements, made it to my car and left for dads. You will be pleased to hear I made it there safe and sound!

Before I go any further, I mentioned yesterday I was doing an online seminar, well I was wrong, its a webinar. Any how, 10am on the dot, it went ahead, 45 minutes I listened, watched and learnt absolutely shit all!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I'm no rocket scientist, nor am I a total dipstick, all of my knowledge on SEO, marketing, blogs, analytics etc, have all come from either researching the inter web, or friends. With his 15 years to my 2 months, I was really expecting to gain some wonderful knowledge from this man. Instead, if all he can tell me, is mind boggling stuff I already know, maybe I should call myself SEO expect and charge the earth for my knowledge!

My knowledge of wisdom to friends, if you are ever invited to go on a webinar, (you may not all get this, due to age), but; just switch off your PC sets and go home and do something less boring instead!

As for the gimmick, well we added them to the website yesterday for overall effect and noticed you cant read the text. So, some alterations have been made, I have updated designer skater boy of these and hopefully I should see something soon. Plus I should also get to see them on the launch page, Yipppeeee!

At least one area of this website is getting there, which is more than what can be said for the launch page, or the actual website itself. Been six days now and dad hasn't heard a thing regarding progress, it is meant to be finished on the 24th, 14days to go, more like 14 months at this pace.

We registered with google checkout and paypal today. Paypal was quite easy, however google checkout is a little more trying. We have both come to the conclusion, that google, is in fact bigger than space itself!, You can start on one page and within a few clicks your 30 miles away from where you first started.

Registering and confirming was the easy part to say the least. Trying to add the buttons we wanted was another story entirely. After banging my head against the table through frustration I couldn't take it any longer and dad got involved. I left him arguing with paypal on the phone over buttons, I believe this matter has now been resolved and is in dads capable hands to sort out.

One area that is a concern, is you have to do stuff to the HTML coding, which can take about an hour to do, according to paypal and google. For a normal people, yes it may well be, but in skater world, a different matter all together, we can add a few more hours to this easily!

For nearly six hours today I sat at my dads freezing my tits off, it was so cold! Two wood burning stoves are in their house and not one of them was on, not even the central heating! I had to rub my hands together to keep warm. At one point I thought I was smoking, but then I realised it was just my breath.

I'm home now, all warm and cosy. I have a friend who always complains my house is cold, should you ever complain again, I shall send you to my parents house to stay, then you will know what cold is!

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Elly Russell said...

LOL I could have told you an SEO webinar was useless - I've been on a few myself and they usually are run by idiots who just read the google PDF document and gave you the obvious!

Cold - HA HA HA HA HA now you know what it feels like to be me!!!lol