Friday, 20 February 2009

I love it when I'm right

Well it is the weekend and as predicted, the launch page is still in sleep mode and isn't going anywhere!

Skater boy No1 has requested some information about my google analytics, I don't know why, I sent the information they required for tracking January the 8th and even then I did it twice. Any how, they should now have the information they require, so I will need to change my passwords again.

They are sorting out the tracking code for the website too, so I shall have everything track able under the same account. Lets just hope it doesn't take them that long to sort it out. I want it to work first time, not 31st time.

Website is meant to be live and ready to go on the 24th, which is next Tuesday. Did I forget to mentioned I saw a pig and her piglets flying over my house this afternoon!

Not a lot planned for the weekend. Saturday, lay in till 9am, bit of pampering, before a trip out for lunch, a drink, then a movie, will have to check the guide first. Tonight I think a large glass of vino is in order, not sure what is for tea, really not in the mood for cooking.

Haven't had a rock out night in a while, so might have a play with world tour. Just hope my eyes can take the pain, I know my ears can!

Grumpy is sorting out products for the website. I gave him a nice long list, which he informed me, will take three days to sort out, that will keep him nice and busy for a while. Hopefully my phone wont ring, my dads neighbour will have a lovely and peaceful weekend, mum is away till Saturday afternoon, so all in all, harmony will bless us for a short period, until his presences is known again by all.

If the weather is good this weekend, maybe the skater boys will be out playing hard, before working hard again on Monday morning, if only I knew this theory to be true!

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