Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I have won!

Today, I have won, 500 free bids, 25 free bids, could have won a laptop, £1000 cash, £200 cash and a camera, but the auctions went on then finished just like that for some god forsaken reason!

Grumpy and I did some testing on what they said was done with the website so far. Obviously this is the auction part, due to my wonderful winning spree. When you start an auction in the database, due to the fact no auction has an ID number, once; an auction of a canon camera has been on once, it will never be able to be on again. So, thus being, as soon as you input the information, and set it to go live, the auction will go live and then jump to the ended auction page on the winner's site.

If only this was the only problem. When we have managed to get an auction to go live and start without ending straight away, we incur a different problem. An auction has a time and date in which to start. He shouldn't start until the date and time match and then someone places a bid and then the auction time should start to countdown.

Not in our case. Our auctions start at the right time and date, however, instead of waiting for someone to bid, the timer starts counting down, not from the time state at three minutes, but from 10 seconds instead!

Once the auction has been won, the auction should move to the winner's page, at the top, on the left. Again not in our case, we get to the winners page, only instead of being at the top, on the left; we are two lines down and at the end. People shouldn't have to hunt to find the latest winner.

Is it all doom and gloom I hear you ask?

No some aspects work. You can wait for the last second before hitting bid and it is counted. Order of bids and bidders are correct, the countdown timer seems to work better for me, than for dad. Mine countdown, was a bit sticky in places, dad however found it to miss numbers and jump, although we stayed within the same time span.

Mum hasn't taken any interest in the website up until now, mainly due to the fact, she doesn't understand how these things work, Mum like simple things and things simple. She will now be pleased as punch when she finds out she can now hit buttons. She will be begging for bid credits, and bidding away, competing against herself, till her little heart's content. Very simple like that, doesn't take much to please the old woman!

Pre launch page, is still a long way off in the distance, I think it has launched into the Atlantic and set sail, probably never to be seen again. By their calculations, and my crappy predictions, I think it could be mid June before we see the finished website, and the pre launch would have sunk somewhere in the Pacific!

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