Saturday, 21 February 2009

Glass of wine anyone?

Woke up at 9.30am today nice to do that, rather than 7am. I did a bit of retail therapy, lunch, then a trip to see grumpy.  

Grumpy wasn't a happy bunny today, as the work he had done last night has gone. He reckons, he saved it as he went along, only to find this morning it's no longer on his PC, not anywhere!

Now I reckon, He kept hitting the save button, but didn't at any point save the file anywhere. In doing this, some how, he wasn't prompted to save it and shut down, thus losing everything. He says otherwise, but he would, wouldn't he!

He now has a long road ahead of him

I checked my google analytics late last night, only to find it now works. Me and dad did a test on the pre launch page to make sure it was working and my eyes weren't deceiving me and yes, my analytics picked up two visitors. Only the map overlay tells me the visits came from two places, two places we don't live anywhere near. When I say near, these places were over 100 miles away.

As much as google is great and it's free, I know the information it's giving me, isn't completely correct. Bit of a bummer from a marketing point of view, as I'm unsure if the popularity of my visits are really where people are coming from.

I have mentioned this to dad, so he's going to look into an analytic package for us. Well for me, not something we shall rush out and get, but shall do at some point. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know, always good to have some comparisons.

I shall be doing my predictions for the week that lay ahead, tomorrow. Be interesting to see if I'm as spot on as this week. 

Dad hasn't received any updates since Thursday, shall have to wait until Monday now. Nothing seems to have changed about the website or pre launch page since Tuesday, although they could be working behind the site, at things we can't see.

Not a lot planned for this evening. Have a large glass of vino in hand, plus some chocolate brownies that are to die for, when heated and served with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yum, yum think I might have to have two pieces!


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