Thursday, 19 February 2009

Sore fingertips

As expected, the over uses of fingertip movement from the skater boys yesterday, has proven too be to much for them. They now have their full list of what we see needs to be done, in order of completion. Could well be the case, that we have missed something out, but we aren't here to do it all for them.

Have been out and about in my car today, but unlike yesterday, I'm no longer driving around like puff the magic dragon. Hopefully, my car was just having an off day and needed to clear some cobwebs!

We have booked the tickets, hotel, parking, and arranged travel insurance. The weekend is confirmed, a girly weekend away, can't wait, just need to save some spending money (dad this is a hint if your reading)!

One more day until the weekend. Launch page, might go live on Monday, then my predictions will be correct. I will have to start calling myself mystic and give my weekly predictions on the progression of the site. If it comes true, I shall have to consider a career change in business predictions, could make myself a small fortune. Oh is life was so easy.......

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