Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Could they blow my predictions?

Dad has received three emails today from the website company! Are they finally pulling their fingers out, could they want to hurry up and get rid of dad as a client, or could it be, they follow my blog and want to blow my predictions of the schedule for this week?

The emails that have gone back and forth today, claim the pre launch page will go live on Thursday of this week, yes that right, this week!

Seem that the list of errors dad put to them, are being fixed and not only that, but tested too. I just hope all this work and effort on their part, hasn't killed them and require them to take the day off tomorrow!

My gimmicks are now finished and I should be able to see them on the pre launch page before it goes live, just not sure when that will be though.

I want to get excited and think the end could soon be here, but I think that would be getting carried away, The 24th is only a week away, would be lovely to think, it could be done and we can move onto other things, I have so much in place to do, but cant do anything until at least the pre launch site is live. So until then I shall have to continue with the seeing is believing method instead of excitement, as this only leads to a depressed mood of state and a sore head!

There is some sanity in this world though. In a few weeks time, a friend and I are jetting away for a weekend of girly fun. I cant wait. No computer, no dad, no work, no daughter of darkness and hopefully not a lot of phone reception, unless my other half wishes to contact me, telling me to go wild in the shops and spend, spend spend.lol

Maybe, as director of the company, I should just inform dad, I need to do this weekend away as part of business research, insuring him that at the end of the day, I want to do all I can to make this business work. The weekend will then be approved , I shall have a wicked weekend, then claim it all back as expenses. In the really world, dad will say, get stuffed!

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mjb said...

NO In the real world your Dad will tell you to pay your own way and remember to take your laptop