Sunday, 22 February 2009


Weekly predictions, I have been pondering for a few minutes and my predictions are as follows:

Monday, dad will finally receive the updates he's been waiting for, since Thursday of last week. He may also receive an email from skater boy No1 & No2, probably telling him nothing at all, or something he already knows.

Tuesday. website will not be half way to completion, let along completed today. Neither will the launch page be ready to go. Dad will email to ask about the website and the pre launch page, but will hear nothing.

Wednesday at midday, we will receive an email saying, pre launch page is ready and they need the other emails. These will be sorted out on Wednesday and sent back ASAP.

Thursday, Skater boy No2 will get the emails sorted, by now I will have gone and got wine, to cope with the calls from grumpy!

Friday, Pre launch page will be ready, but we won't get email until 5.53pm, delaying launch until at least 5.26pm Monday. Dad and I will run tests to make sure everything is right with the site, None will be found for a change.

I'm sure throughout the week, I may well pick up more predictions, but for now that's it.

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