Sunday, 8 February 2009

Not many people seem ready!

Thank you to the few people who gave me their interpretation on what they felt "ready" meant to them. As I said, I have posted them below, so you can have a read.

In the meantime I would like to point out, that I know a few people read this blog, however, none of you seemed "ready" to give your opinion, therefore I shall just have to assume you agree with lovely little me. Lol.

  1. Ready means ready now, no more waiting
  2. Agreed with example one and three, felt partner would think she was mad, if said dinner was done and she hadn't put the oven on
  3. Ready from a woman's point of view, restaurant booked for 8pm, journey 8 miles, husband calls, are you ready, wife replies yes. Few minutes later, husband stick head round the bathroom door, to see, so called ready wife, getting in the bath
  4. If you want to know what the meaning of ready is, ask a woman for the answer! 
  5. Ready means, if are in a running race and someone says, ready, it means get ready, not go, or now. 
  6. Ready means, I expect it to be done, now!
Well there you have it, you can draw your own conclusions, as I have mine, here goes.

  1. This one was from a female, who has a brain and I couldn't agree with you more!
  2. Again another female with a brain, on the same wave length as me, who I too would think bonkers, if no dinner was there!
  3. I know some woman can be slow and aren't always ready when they say they are, I have a friend like this, (you know who you are) however I think this was a quote from a man, not of female mind, like trying to portray!
  4. At first, you might be led to believe this was from a female, but sadly not, written by a man, who quite obviously couldn't live without us females!
  5. This was quoted by a 10 year old, bless them! Might not be the interpretation I was looking for, but hey, their interpretation was right for them!
  6. Finally a man with some common sense, on the same wave length as me and also has it down to a T. My five year old nephew!
Back to the grindstone tomorrow for me, not for my daughter though, my dad has decided to get her involved now and has given her "homework". Homework comes as a bit of a shocking word to my daughter, as she very rarely gets any from school. 

Dad wants my daughter to put a flyer together advertising the company. I haven't given her this delightful news, as she is currently out with friends, neither am I going to, I shall just tell her to ring her grandad and he can break it to her. I think he believes, that in asking a young child to do this, it will get it done quicker, than if he were to ask designer skater boy to do it and he would probably be right.

I am expecting to see the finished gimmicks tomorrow, please, oh please let them be right now, I  cant wait many more weeks, I've been waiting six now!

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