Friday, 6 February 2009

He is off again!

I don't have anything to report regarding the website development, as nothing has happened!

Grumpy wanted me to post his reply to his neighbours comments, so instead of me boring you tonight, I thought I would let him do it instead, so off he goes........

Having just read through the latest pile of waffle from the Old bat who I have the misfortune of calling my neighbour, I did at first believe I should refrain from further comment as it is now abundantly clear, to anyone with half a brain, her poor state of mind confirms she is no longer capable of taking onboard, reasoned, well thought out argument, and that for me to persist, might add to the poor woman's demise.

NOW THERE'S A THOUGHT!!! So with that in mind I have decided it would be best for all concerned (namely me, the Village, the county and indeed, probably our Prime Minister) that I should take the time to respond.

Fortunately I am writing this response via a Blog and will therefore be dealing with people who can read and almost assuredly see sense.

So what indeed can I comment? Well for starters, her comment re Victor Meldrew simply confirms this poor, mentally deranged woman is living away with the fairies, somewhere back in an age long since past. Maybe someone should inform her the world has moved on from old comedies such as those she refers too and most of us now live in what we term "present day" Then again, should I be the one to suggest she stops renting out episodes of Dad's Army??

I shall desist from explaining to her what "present day" means as this would only further confuse her already addled state of mind.

Next, her point I had written (according to her) 1,196 words.

What can I say??? If all she can do with her time is COUNT WORDS on a computer....Is there anything to say??? Surely now you can all see the truth. We all need to act now and ensure her incarceration happens sooner, rather than later for her own good. At least then she will no longer have to count words. Locked in her own padded room she will be able to chat with the fairies who I am sure will frequent her mind on a regular basis......Well that is until even they see they are fighting a lost cause.

She then of course moves on to spout more verbal hogwash about my working away in London, which of course further adds to the argument for her need to seek professional help. Why so? The answer to my working away for so long and for so often is simple.....It was to escape the horrors of living next door to this mad woman and her zoological garden.

Then I ought to deal with her points about my daughter being the one doing all the work for this site.

Puuhhhleeese. I am more than aware of the few little pieces of work my daughter is doing for me, just as I am aware her reward is having me as a father.... I rather think this woman should concern herself about her own offspring, one of whom lived in such fear, he went to live in PERU. Her daughters however have yet to manage to escape and it is these poor waifs I worry for most.

I dread to think of the household dietary plan but given this mad woman decided years ago to force her own vegetarian beliefs on them, I fear much of their menu will consist of nuts, scattered over wheat grain.

Finally I ought to comment on her "basket weaving" statement.

Quite frankly, if the mood ever took me, I am certain I'd be more than capable of making a basket or two......Where I fall down however, is having a BASKET CASE as a neighbour.....and the sooner you readers help me find a secure home for her.......the sooner this once quiet Village can begin to return to normal


The Ever suffering Neighbour of the year 2001 - 2009

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