Thursday, 26 February 2009

Slight improvement!

Further checks have been made on the website today, regarding the auction/bidding part. Dad managed to put one auction on, only the idiot set it for March the 26th not February 26th. His old age is really starting to show now!

Once again, he put the auction on, this time with the correct info. The clock started five minutes before it should have, and even started counting down before one of us, had even hit the bid now button. When the clock counter did start counting down, not only did it go, 53,52,49,48,45,44,43,41, but it also went, 53,52,55,51,50,48,48,46, just great, they have managed to make it worse than it was yesterday.

I won that auction, so we decided to set up another one. This time it was a camera. Auction started again, five minutes sooner than it should have, only this time, the clock started, but we couldn't bid. So it counted down to 0 and no one won it!

All closed auctions go onto the winners page in the right place now, rather than anywhere, however even if they haven't been won, they still go there, taking the name and price won from the last auction using a camera. Dad has won 13 cameras now!

I did a check on the pre launch page, registration still work, however I cant refer a friend anymore, this could mean one of two things. One they are putting the email in place to confirm, before registration, or, two, they have screwed somethings up. Let's up it's number one for my own sanity!

Nothing more to report, other than, skater boy No 1 has predicted completion in 19 days time, yer right, I don't think so.

Dad is missing his neighbour, She has been studying hard again for her exam, which she is due to take soon. Let's hope this time she passes, I have more than enough proof, that he now needs locking up!

Because of this, she hasn't been seen all week, My mum has seen her, which leads me to believe, she is just hiding from dad, after all, she is suffering enough with studying, why would anyone want to darken their day further by spending anytime with grumpy, unless he has wine to ease the pain of it all! lol

Friday tomorrow, we are hoping auction errors are rectified, so we can run further tests, we hope to run two or more auctions tomorrow and have three people bidding. Mum will want to have a go, however, she hasn't wanted to help with the hard parts, so she isn't going to work with the fun part either. No pain, no gain!

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