Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Firstly I would like to point out my dad has always told me I bring nothing but delight to his life, secondly he has to think something more of me than fifteen seconds of euphoria, as it is only me helping him get this site going, not my mother, sisters or brothers, but just lovely little me, the brains of the family!

On behalf of myself and all my blog readers who tuned in yesterday, for the cat fight on here, between my dad and his neighbour, Go, Go neighbour, we are all behind you!

Well as you know its Wednesday, not just any old Wednesday, but gimmick day Wednesday. That right, today is the day I finally get to see it completed, I've waited a week, so he must of been working hard at it!

Well it arrived, not one gimmick, not two, not even four, but six little gimmicks set out holding either cards or bags. Six stupidly looking gimmicks, with not a lot right about any of them!

Were they mirrored? No! Was all their clothing in checked pattern? No! Was the bag now fixed? No, had this designer skater boy spent anytime what so ever on this design? No!

And so the list of No's goes on and on! I sent an email back to him explaining the errors, and also gave him a design to show him what I meant, will this help, probably not, but unless I do the design myself, what else can I do?

I have explained myself as clearly, as I would if asking four year olds to paint me a tree, sky, sun and grass. If my local nursery group can understand it, why cant a graphic designer? I know I'm female and people say us species are from Mars or Venus, but surely to god, I'm not talking in some strange alien language am I?

As for the website, well, we have received an email saying the schedule date is now the 24th of February. Like that's going to happen. We were told the launch page was ready over a month ago. Is it launched, but another No! It has taken a month to get a gimmick sorted and even that isn't ready yet.

He also goes on to mention, this date could get delayed if WE make any further changes, WE haven't made any bloody changes, just told them of the errors THEY had made and if they looked at the spec, they can see this clearly for themselves!

Honestly when I was a child, I used to watch the Muppet show, I loved that program. Can you remember the chicken? Well that was more human, had more common sense and could probably do this a dame sight quicker than these guys! (no disrespect to the Muppet's)

I have yet to run some tests on the launch page, to see if it is finally doing what it is meant to do. I shall be conducting this exciting test, this evening and should it work, I shall crack open a can of coke to celebrate! The champagne has been on ice for so long now, it has frozen!

Marketing campaigns keep coming in thick and fast from radio and online people, I have contacted regarding exposure. Would be so nice to give them a date and not feel like I'm messing them around, but I cant.

Well, things to do, so I cant stay on here moaning all night, shall have a moan with dad, when my test goes pear shaped later!

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