Monday, 23 February 2009

Have I been to kind with my predictions?

Another Monday over, I believe I may have been to kind in my predictions, they are worse than I predicted!

I thought dad would get his updates and maybe the skater boys would email dad with something. Well he did get his updates, which were expected Thursday and they didn't tell him anything at all, well they did, but nothing that made any sense to our website and considering he was working on it Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we were expecting quite a lot, however it looked about an hour's worth of work, if that!

I don't wish to undermine him as I'm no web developer, but I thought he would have achieved more than that. OK, he could be working behind the scenes on things we can't see, but there isn't any truth in that either.

He has informed us; he will continue working on option one auction and now start two and three as well. Wouldn't it be better to get option one finished first, before screwing up the second two?

I have come up with a list of Meta tags for keywords and description, let's hope at some point when I send it; they have no problems understanding where it's meant to go. If I know, then so should he!

Skater boys emailed at 5.23pm, not far out, saying things have been delayed due to the launch page, however, nothing has been done with the launch page, so, what have they been doing?

Website is still many moons away and as for the pre launch page, I shall move my predicted pre launch date of next week, to Friday of the following, even then I'm unsure if I'm being optimistic!

On a bright note, the weather was good today and I managed to get my washing dry, which was lovely. I have already pre stocked fridge with wine, as dad started moaning this afternoon, earlier than predicted. May have to book an appointment with the doc for some Valium.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

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