Thursday, 12 February 2009

Not in the mood

I don't really have anything to say today. I feel tired after a hard days work and a crap nights sleep! 

I went to bed last night dreaming of the website, every time I opened a link, I'm convinced I woke up and was trying to roll over. Must have been trying to help the pages turn! 

Guitar hero also has this effect on me. I go to sleep dreaming of buttons coming towards me at the speed of knots and I cant seem to play a note. I had to ban myself from playing after 7pm, or I would have a terrible nights sleep.

My plans for this evening are as follows, dinner, vino, nice hot bath, more vino, Dexter then bed, hopefully with a better nights sleep than last!


duanecatalyst2 said...

Please look at the contract. I also know someone that had this trouble and it turned out that the primary website programmer was a student who had not finished college or university and his absence from the website building company was in fact due to him having to do homework so that he could complete his course.

My friend was not impressed. So I ask, are they sick days? Or homework days that No1 and No2 are having?

Dealgrabba said...

I dont think they are either. I think they take it in turns to have a day off and go to the skate park!